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Luminis Marketing is a boutique consultancy who can jump in and integrate digital marketing, design, web, branding and messaging to drive real, proven results for sales teams and company-wide initiatives.

The current economic climate has left businesses short-staffed and under resourced. Marketing can be one of the most expensive departments and that's why we've created our consultancy to allow businesses to still have a marketing function to support their most critical needs as they weather the storm. Whether you need marketing support for the short run, are starting from scratch or need a long-term partner, Luminis Marketing is your guiding light and support system to keep your business running.

Find Your Way.

We're channel agnostic - we'll work with you to find the best route to attract your customers - and provide solutions right across the marketing funnel. From top end - brand, design and strategy - to the pointy end - targeting, personalisation and conversion.
Digital Marketing /
Lead Generation
Event Marketing
Communications / Influencer Relations / Social Media
Design & Creative Services
Interim Chief Marketing Officer / Strategy / Mentoring / Marketing Recruitment
Messaging / Positioning / Persona Marketing
Web / SEO
Content Writing
Data Building
Gap Analysis
Asset Creation

Your Team

Bri Vellis

With in-depth industry experience in spearheading strategic and marketing management for the Human Resources Tech, E-commerce, SaaS/Cloud-based technologies, B2B/B2C and Financial Tech Sectors, Bri loves to integrate marketing and communications with other aspects of an organisation to ensure it drives seamless results. Branding is her second nature and she has a keen eye to ensure your company brand is fresh, beautiful and tells a story to your customers. She has worked with small, growth-phase startups, as well as, enterprise giants such as SAP, Intuit, PayPal and eBay.

Robert Carson

A confirmed Lead-Gen geek and persona super-fan, Rob is never happier than when he is deep-diving into customers and potential customers to fully understand them! Using empathy and a customer-first mindset has enabled him to deliver leads and revenue through multi-channel marketing programmes. Rob uses a combination of demand waterfall and pragmatic persona-based marketing to deliver optimised marketing-to-sales funnels. Rob has generated content and copy across different industries to feed the automated nurture campaigns that he has designed and delivered. With his understanding of the importance that marketing must always sit within the business context, Rob is someone who will deliver tangible results to your business.

Chandrayee Roychowdhury


Katie Carson


Your Collective

Adding to our team’s combined 35+ years of marketing experience, Luminis also has an experienced collective of strong and trusted marketing and communications experts. Your budget will go further with us than with a typical marketing agency because we only pull in our network when you need them - you won't be paying for them whether you use them or not.

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